Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little nice things.

I might have scared him a little with my enthusiastic squeal, but really this was the first time that out of context I was identified from my video. I mean at an art show or lecture I'm in context but in a crowd of people? Thanks Sam.
That's not the purpose of the video, I know that. I probably shouldn't even post this but it was just a little nice thing and I'm thinking that I should go tell somebody that they did something that mattered to me so that they can feel nice today also. And you should do that too.
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AngryBaker said...

Awesome - you should totally post fun stuff like this! I'm kinda surprised it's the first time it's happened.

Laura A said...

Will do. I even have someone specific in mind!

Samson said...

Made my night, thank you for your kindness.


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