Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mer-queen and Mer-king

When the afternoons got too hot in my dad's studio for him to paint, we would pile into the back of his little Toyota truck named, Chuck. He would take us over to his parent's house a couple of blocks away. I'm not sure why we didn't walk.  I remember playing games in the pool, usually mermaids, with siblings and cousins. Our parents would douce themselves in tropical oil and drink tab.  Oh how I loved those days in the sun. 
 Now my parents have a pool and I meet up with those same siblings and cousins and all of our kids to swim when my studio gets too hot to paint. Little has changed, except we use sunscreen and drink water.
In our family we have bowling names, roller derby names and mermaid names. My mermaid name is Crystal Seafoam. I love that name. Everyone should have a mer-name. 

I painted this mer-queen and mer-king in anticipation of summer. It's a love story.
It is titled, Lana and Irwin, a mer-love story. Lana means, calm as still waters. Irwin means green water. 
I want Gallery 601 to print these paintings on metal so I can hang them by my parents pool as guardians. The color is gorgeous on the metal prints and they are waterproof. I will have some available at the Utah Art's Festival this June. 


Unknown said...

Love the mer-queen and mer-king, Cassandra and all the details in your painting.

Juliette said...

Awesome painting!

Chandra said...



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