Saturday, October 22, 2011

Over all, it's a good idea's a little awkward when someone says, "Gosh, I haven't worn overalls since the early 90s." Without hesitation I reply with something like, "Well you should, overalls are a good idea and let me tell you why..."

Here are just a few reasons we should all wear overalls: #1. Overalls have pockets of all kinds for everything you need. No more looking for phones or pipecleaners. #2. When working in overalls, there is no need to apply sunscreen to your lower back because it's covered.#3. People assume you are hard at work on something serious when wearing overalls. They respect you and might even leave you to it. And #4, no one looks good in overalls, men or women, so looking good isn't an issue. How great is that?

Overalls are a little hard to find. We got ours at D.I. in St. George last year. If you have your 90s overalls, get them out and try them on. You'll be glad you did.
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Manda said...

HAHAHA! So true! I've been looking for overalls for the longest time, I guess its time to hit the goodwill and DI! You and your girls are too cute BTW :)

Rebecca said...

LOL! You would love Bart's dad. He ALWAYS wore overalls!

dokprofessor said...

yes, overalls are great, the best clothing item ever invented, if you ask me see my own blog , and also two of your overall "sisters", see here and Sharon so be ready to join us all on November 20, International overalls day, and as myself more or less every day, have an overall nice weekend, Niels

kylie said...

haha this is hilarious! you are so awesome. overalls are back in style now, believe it or not. all kinds of cute new stylish pairs in the stores! my sis got a pair and she actually rocks em, as you and your girls do too! so great. i haven´t worn any since my winnie the poohs in elementary. i am convinced i need them after reading this post!

i found your blog via i´m a mormon profile. you were so hilarious and fun i had to come by and say hello! i´m mormon too. love your spirit and enthusiasm, and your art is so beautiful (my grandmother is an artist!)



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