Monday, March 29, 2010

DIY Corsage

Our kittens were so generous. Really, they could have been stinkers but instead they let us run wild, making everything right down to the corsage and boutonniere.
They performed the traditional prom rituals while we watched with glee, GLEE I tell you!
Then best of all, the photographing began. Luckily, Nina had printed off a sheet of dramatic prom picture poses. Dan Barney was in charge of posing and did a find job. He was very good at it. (The image above was not on the posing sheet, the kittens made that one up themselves. No wonder we don't leave them alone!)
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pamela said...

these photos are great and teen kitten is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

such a talented family, Dan Barney could totally choreograph family photos.


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