Monday, March 29, 2010

Moms and Proms

Did the moms really go to prom? Of course we did, and the dads too. There are several reasons why we seem get away with this sort of thing.

Number one, our kittens are used to, even expect us to orchestrate these sorts of events. Number two, I dare say our kittens are not in love, just long time friends...more like cousins. Number three, Nina is respected and well known in her profession and as long as I can pose as a convincing wing-woman, we can get into just about anything. I just have to hold stuff and and tilt my head like I'm considering photographic things.

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Lisa said...

so much fun. You all looked fabulous in your prom attire. I love the posts and the pictures and who you all are. So unique. I especially love the pic of you three guardian angels watchinig over the little teens dancing.


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