Monday, April 13, 2009

Teen Kitten and I got a special treat today. We got to climb into Raquel and Oliver's dreamy tree house. It's for sure the highest multi-leveled tree house I've ever had the chance to see. It's like an ancient dream tower or someplace magical.
Teen Kitten is working on a short film for a school project. She interviewed Raquel who blew her away with her passionate ideas about sustainability and gardening. She inspired me as well. I thought about where and what we were using as we ate and traveled today. She is amazing. Raquel, among her other endeavours is currently running the Provo Farmer's Market.
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GrittyPretty said...

it was lovely to have you there and so funny that we were all wearing skirts and pretty shoes to climb into the tree house! and thanks for the lovely felt pin and the pineapple tomato start! you are the treatmeister!


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