Monday, April 13, 2009

Raquel's home, garden and tree house were delightful but most exciting experience of the day was CHICKENS!
No they did not peck at my eyes or pierce my flesh with their razor sharp talons as I had imagined.
I held this pretty little hen named Honey in my arms like a baby. She was so sweet. It was much more gentle and calm than I had imagined. I think I even made cooing noises at her.
Thanks for sharing Raquel!
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Laura "Lala" Mayer said...

oh my gosh...I totally want a chicken, I was just talking about it this weekend with my dad. I could have a flock and a coop by my horse and my huge great grandma josephine raised 300 chickens a year on the ranch to help them get's in my blood. I need a chicken, but don't know where to start...suggestions?

Nigel said...

I just wanted to say Hi, and I saw the show at the conference center yesterday. I liked how you, your sister, and Janis W. were all less than 3 feet apart. You were one of my top 3 on the ballot...


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