Saturday, April 12, 2008

I think about all of the good things that happened this week. I could write a lot because this week was eventful in business and in meeting new people, but I'll choose two events that were extra special. One was that my littlest kitten's first grade class walked to my house for a field trip. These are the young artists that I get to teach once a month in their classroom. I adore them and I think the feeling is mutual. It was so exciting to me to have them come into my studio and get crazy about making art.

My other sweetest thing this week was a visit with Johnathan and his cute mom. Johnathan interviewed me for a school project and I just felt instantly warm in my heart for him. He's quite a little character. His smile is what happy is. I can't wait to see what he does with his video footage from the studio.

I'm thinking that I'm glad that I've not landed and stayed in one place in my mind and body and heart. I'm glad that I get to feel and live and love. I'm glad that I feel calm and safe alone too.

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pamo said...

what a beautiful post.

I Am said...

Have you been levitating in your studio again? And your studio is sooo tidy, shame on you!!

Cassandra Barney said...

My studio WAS clean. I had some first graders to impress so I pimped it up.
Now I'm back to work. I have one more painting to do for the Oregon show and I've hit a wall. I want to paint 40 paintings about 40 different things so I just don't know what to do.
Today though, I'm going outside to be in the sun before it goes away. How is the weather downunder?

I Am said...

The weather is rainy, the skies are grey--like living in England only with better plumbing. Seems like it's been raining for a year, I wonder if the drought has officially broken. I don't watch the news so I guess I'll never know.
I watched "Sicko" today, I do love socialised medical care. What do you think?

chiggy said...

Your first grader and her class are so lucky to have you in their midst!!! Johnathan is so cute and your studio looks great. I love that you live in a commune of sorts. I wish I had more of my family on my street. I love that you gardened, ate outside and came in for tea and cleaning up. We've been eating outside too and I just love it. P.S. I just had some tea from Turkey that my sister brought me. UMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Lisa Peay said...

Hi Cass!
I have a surprise for you, a video. I will see you soon.

love, jonny


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