Thursday, April 25, 2013

Infinite Love

It's hard for me to write about motherhood because I get all chocked-up. My feelings are so big I can't seem to find big enough words to write about it.
I have a gallery wrapped canvas, as well as the original of this painting available for Mother's Day at Gallery 601. FYI, gallery wrapped canvases are nice because they don't have to be framed; they can even sit on a table.

I'm grateful that I get to be a mother and I love my kittens. I love them so much that my heart feels heavy. They are pretty great kids too; each with unique personality, challenges and talents.
Being a mother is not what I had anticipated, but like with many other things in my life, it's so much greater than I expected. I kind of want to write a Christmas-like brag list and tell you all about my kittens but I will restrain and go shovel compost onto my garden instead. Happy Mother's Day to Mothers everywhere, cheers!


Chandra said...

LOVE this. and love you.

Lucy Chen said...

I can certainly identify with every word you say here, Cassandra, being a mother myself (something I didn't anticipate or plan for). Your art is amazing, I love your use of symbols and colours. Happy Mother's Day!

Cassandra Barney said...

Thank you and thank you!

oliver.and.emily said...

Love this one. Those eyes say all the big words! -e

Katie O'Keefe said...

Oh, Cassandra, we just welcomed our first grandchild into the world one month ago. If you think you heart will burst now, just wait! It's unbelievable!


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