Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Primary Beehive

I love primary, I really, really do. I love these kids and the happy times we have on Sunday together. They are a beautiful group of children I hope that they remain friends forever. 
As a primary presidency, we have talked a lot about how important it is that they feel loved and safe in primary.
When the time came to change up the bulletin board in the primary room, I begged them to let me do it.  I have been reading about beehives. The beehive is a perfect metaphor. I'm sure that's why it has been used as a symbol in Mormonism since the saints came to Salt Lake City. Bees all have different jobs, they work really hard and together they thrive and make...honey. I love honey. 
So I took the beehive back from the young women and built a beehive. 

 I went to the dollar store and got a tinfoil roasting pan and pool noodles. I cut some wedges out of the noodles so I could bend them around and taped them to the foil with packing tape.
 I used half of a plastic jello container for the top of the hive.

 I also made a CTR shield out of plastic and stuck some bamboo skewers out of the top to be rays of light.

 I made my paper mache out of water, glue and a little wallpaper paste. I don't know that I needed the wallpaper paste.
 I let it dry over night and then did a second layer.
I painted it yellow first the added darker color to emphasize the shapes. The bees were made by wrapping a pipe cleaner around a pompom then I glued on gold, glittered, paper wings.

It looks pretty cool on the primary wall.
Our first idea was to have the kids put a candy in the hive when they had done an act of kindness toward for another child in primary. The idea sounds nice but isn't really working so this week we are trying something different. I'll post that when I have to finished....

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jennie said...

Coolest, coolest bulletin board ever.


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