Monday, May 12, 2008

Crop Report

Yes indeed, I planted the peanuts this weekend. What? Peanuts come from peanuts? I thought they'd be...seeds. I'm serious, I was so surprised. I am learning so much. I have to say that my neighbors are skeptical. My cute garden is at the side of the house where people passing stop to discuss my crops... often. It's fun. Seems that everybody has something to say about gardening or about me gardening. Some people share wisdom and some just like to mock. I had to extend the garden because I planted to many pumpkins and melons and gourds. I need a farm. I took down a part of the fence and dug up a section of grass. Sheesh! that was hard work. I figure if my pumpkins go wild I'll just toss the vines over the fence into my brother's yard. When is the state fair? I have so much to do!

I love those peanut babies. If this works I'm going to take a peanut to every person who questioned my endeavor. If I get a good crop (that's funny) maybe I'll whip up some peanut butter and make sandwiches and pass them out to the neighbors. Next year I might even want to dig up the rest of the yard to plant more. If I crash and burn...oh well!

Now what is in the picture below? My little tiny peas are growing. I'm about to cry just thinking about it. This is so exciting.
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amy said...

I am so excited about your garden. So do you know how I can get starters from the grape vines? Oh there is just too much to learn about gardening. Glad you are having fun with it.

MissMel said...

It seems that you could just pull plants right out of the ground with your gifts. Good luck on the gardening. Thanks for letting me lurk.

Jennifer said...

Hey Cassandra, your garden looks wonderful! That's an exciting feeling when you start to see the results of hard work. I also have a question for you. Since I like to experiment with all sorts of paint mediums, I thought I'd try the crackle stuff. When I applied it to the painting after it was dry...... NOThing... Does it only work if you use the aging medium? And before painting? (I didn't buy any so I was wondering if that was something I had to invest in to make the crackle work)?

Cassandra Barney said...

Amy- let's ask if it's time and you should get some from us becuase out grapes are so good.

Missmel- keep lurking, I like that word.

Jennifer- After te painting is painted I do apply two things. Aging then crackle varnishes. My sister showed the process on her blog a bit back.
Good luck. It's sometimes hard to use.

Kat said...

Add me to the grapes list. I covet your grape vines every year, especially since I've become a domesticated kat that makes jam and jellies.

Cassandra Barney said...

Kat...of course. I want to be domestic and make jam just like you. Fun! I need a lesson.
Cousin Cass

chiggy said...

I say use some of those peanuts you are growing and make some homemade cracker jacks!

Cassandra Barney said...

Chiggy! Brilliant! I'll give you some of the first batch. I love it!


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