Thursday, February 28, 2008

After visiting the BF Larsen Gallery, we went to see, well...not Minerva. I skipped that show for now. We really wanted to see "Masterworks of Victorian Art from the Collection of John H. Schaeffer," on display at Brigham Young University Museum of Art. It was soooo good. There were so many good paintings in the show that I can't wait to go back and sit and soak it all in. Two of my favorites were....

The Sempstress, by Richard Redgrave. It was perfect for me for several reasons. It was beautiful and emotive AND with it was these lines from Thomas Hood's 1843 poem titled, Songs of the Shirt.

"Oh, Men, with Sisters dear!

Oh, men, with Mothers and Wives!

It is not linen you're wearing out,

But human creatures' lives!

I was dieing over this painting as well by Anthony Frederick August Sandys' "Love's Shadow." The figure is mindlessly chewing on forget-me-nots, stewing over a lost love. I read that the symbolism of that flower is a sign for human longing and lastingness.

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batty said...

I'm so glad we saw you - these exhibits were definitely worth looking at. I must tell you I just had to play with Dan's zipper! Great art to look at in the HFAC and the Victor Ian show was terrific. I loved the shirt mender too, and the Rupert Everett look alike painting - very funny.

Kate Horowitz said...

Oooooooooooh those paintings! Forget-me-nots next, perhaps?


Janet said...

Some really never get past the linens to even dream what the heart and soul they shroud may be like, rather they step upon them with their manly boots,without a thought. Maybe,maybe a thought was of disgust...angry, that anything could for a moment get in their way....perhaps, leaving those lovely boots a bit marred from beneath.

Sorry...your blog seems to open wide my heart, every time, I didn't expect what emotion was lurking.

The poetry, so appropriate, for my Feb. 28th. The one I used to call my husband.....broke into my home as I showered....taking with him $4000 worth of diamonds...leaving behind a hand written receipt, made out to him, dated 1 month ago. Thinking no one would ever know... janet you may trash this one any way desired!


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