Saturday, November 10, 2007

Patti Wood (above right), very pretty and smiling, comes up to me following our presentation and tells me how much she loves my artwork. That feels so nice, especially when I've put myself out there for scrutiny. Art is a strange job like that. Anyway, directly following our conversation I do the drawing for the the artwork that The Canyon Gallery is giving away at the show. Of course out of all of the tickets that slipped through my fingers, Patti's was the one I picked. On the way home, my dad and I were talking about how often that happens. It's karma. There must be an energy that goes into those tickets. In the above photo, Patti said that the bridesmaids print was of her and her two girlfriends. They must be.
Last night was my second show at the Canyon Gallery in Fruit Heights. They are so much fun and do a good job. We enjoyed ourselves and met some great people. Thanks Darren and ..."staff!"
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mattycake said...

Last night was a blast. It was so much fun to have you at the Gallery. Thanks for taking the time to make it so special for everyone. Please come back any time!

cassandra said...

I'd love to! You guys were so fun. I hope sales go well for you! C


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