Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blogging and Gracefully Evolving

It's kind of nice having a forced break from my computer. I don't waste away the minutes changing my header and that sort of thing. I do notice that I'm not quite as focused when I haven't been writing.
Writing on my blog is like painting, it is a way of sorting my thoughts and recording ideas before I forget. Giving a lecture does that for me too. Yesterday Dan Barney invited me to speak to his class. I get invitiations to speak but it meant more to me that Dan wanted me to talk to his class because I know that time is precious to him and that he really has a lot he wants to share with his students. I was also glad to know that his students, Anne in particular, read this blog. When I'm writing it doesn't really feel like anyone actually reads it, so thanks! I remember when I started my career as an artist/mom, I wanted to know that someone else had fought my same battles and basked in my same joys. My dad has been a great person to learn from in lots of ways but not as a mother to three daughters and wife to an ambitious artist scholar. It's taken me a long time to learn a handful of things and if I can encourage someone else, that's awesome.

What I was really going to write about this morning was the mature years of an artist. On a recent airplane trip, my dad and I discussed the career span of an artist. I'm wondering if it's like a rockstar. Some rockstars seem to gracefully evolve while others are awkward. Sting and Annie Lennox come to mind as gracefully evolving. Is it the same sort of thing for a painter?
Please feel free to share your thoughts.


Lori said...

I would certainly classify you (as well as your father) as the Sting and Annie of the art world. And even if some of your posts seem less focussed than others, I like them for the insight I get into the world of an artistic mother...I may like them more for the fact that my own unfocussed days seem more normal if someone as organized as yourself also has chaos. Thank you for sharing you art and heart. You do continue to inspire.

Anonymous said...

Gracefully evolving definitely! I believe that artist, who are compelled to paint as you are, will continue to gracefully evolve.
And yes you are an inspiration! With three daughters, being a wife and an artist I feel we have much in common. I love the humnor in your blog and the symbolism in your art. Thank you Cassandra Barney:)))

Emily Carruth Fuller said...

I love reading your blog and I am grateful for your willingness to share what you know. Learning from each other makes all the difference. Thanks!

Morgen said...

I have watched your dad's art only for the last fourteen years and I like the way he has evolved. It seems that most artists aren't even considered someone to look at until they are at least 30 or 40. Then, think of Arnold Friberg who didn't evolve much and stayed as beautiful and collectible as ever. You just have to make art the way you want to or what's the point?


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