Monday, July 21, 2008

I just looked at my own blog and remembered that I had intended to only ever post about artwork. When did it turn it into a garden report? I might have to change the blog title to "Progress on Potatoes" or " The Earwigs Scandal Chronicles."

Dan Barney reminded me last night that everything we do is connected to the art that we make. I am learning from gardening. It's harder than I thought it was going to be. Gardening is a lot work. With all of the challenges, I've had a hard time believing that it will yield fruit at all. It's teaching me patience and reverence for the process of creation and the life cycle. Success comes from creative problem solving, attention to it on a daily basis, sticking with it and learning from mistakes. I enjoy it because I love it. It's beautiful to see the stages of the plants and now their fruits.

The painting that I've just finished and shipped off, evolved from what I've learned from gardening and aligns those same ideas with my life. It's those connections that make art the glue that holds my world together. I'll post about the above painting on the blog that my dad, my sister and I are creating which will follow the development of our show this fall, Painting the Tree of Life.

Now then, it's time for Garden News...

What is that in my very dirty hand? A little sweet baby potato. I was like a kid on Christmas last night. Dan Barney and I explored the dirt and we found them.

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Jennifer said...

I really like your new painting Cassandra! I like the details in her face, it seems more detailed then a lot of your other paintings. I like the representation of the garden also. You said it has to do with what you've been learning and doing with gardening, does that mean that the woman is you in the painting? I also really like your new link to the project you three are working on, it's exciting to me to see how other artists work and come up with things. Maybe my life just doesn't have enough interaction going on, so seeing others work is like me putting myself in a book. Very interesting I think. Thanks for sharing!

JethRobyn said...

I love the garden news. It's good to see the struggles and progress of fellow first time gardeners. I have been talking to Jethro about the process of gardening and the lessons in patience. It's been a good learning experience for me. We have been getting a lot of zucchini, and hopefully when I go out today we will have some squash. I was thinking we should bring some roasted veggies your way one night and enjoy the fruits of our hard work!

Laura A said...

Hmmm. Can I place a vote against "Earwig Scandals"?


I had to avert my eyes the other day when I saw the diagram. Ewww. Those things seriously creep me out.

I'm anxious to start my gardening, once the house is painted and my new plants aren't in danger of being trampled by construction men and painters. But my garden won't be edible.

Now I'm going to hop over and see your new blog! How fun!

Cassandra Barney said...

Jennifer- It's not a portrait of me butit's painted from my perspective so...
Thank you.

Robyn- the kittens made a salad out of garden goods last night. It was the best salad ever. You guys need to come over soon!

Laura- I'd better write on that other blog. I've been reading about the Tree of Life more and more and it's interesting stuff.


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