Saturday, June 28, 2008


She looked more like an illustration than real girl. Her hair in braids, backward baseball cap, chucks that matched her bike, and a shaved ice that was the same color blue, sitting in her bike basket. I was riding behind my middle kitten on my bike and in the bright sunlight she looked like a page out of a book. Summer seems like that sometimes. It's a brightly colored story. When I go to a kitten softball game I feel very Rockwell-esque. When we're rock'n out to...rockband or eating mexican food after a swim or enjoying a party in the backyard or watering the garden...I feel like I'm living in a story. When I feel my bare feet on the tile in my studio, I feel that summer feeling too. This is the time to live that story, to take in everything that it sweet and warm and fresh and full.
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Deanna said...

Ahhh...summer. I live for summer.

I've said this before, but your writing is so beautiful!

Laura A said...

beautiful images!

Cassandra Barney said...

ah thanks...that's so nice!


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