Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last year I wrote a Father's Day Tribute. This year I just want to say, "ditto on that." I am lucky to have great men in my life.
Gifts for Dan Barney fell under the theme, "replacing things that I've broken over the past year." I do break a lot of stuff, mostly in the kitchen. The little ones also got him a cupcake cake pan for fun. It's super cute in a trendy cupcake sort of way. Dan makes the best cakes in the good. Happy Father's Day Dan Barney!
My dad got lots of presents. He really likes presents. He also really is not so sure about the blogosphere... so I'll just say that much.
Happy Father's Day Dad!
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pamo said...

oh wow, i love that cupcake pan! and hooray for dan and james. good guys.

Laura A said...

Cute! Happy Father's Day to your guys!


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