Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Father's Day

If I were giving a lecture on the influences of great men, there are two that I would talk about...and I would cry all the way through it. And let me tell you, my face does this contorted ugly thing when I cry so I'm glad that I can write instead of speak.

There are two people who have had the greatest impact on my life, on who I am today. Two men whom I look up to, who's qualities I aspire to, whom I feel honored to even know. They are my husband and my father. I know that my children and siblings would say the same.
Both of these men share many qualities but there is one quality that is on top, they are both wonderful fathers. When it comes right down to it, there are very few accomplishments that really matter in life. Both of these men have impact others through their teaching and art work and both of these men are loved and enjoyed by many. But most importantly, both of these men love their families. They have made their children and wife their first priority and if that were all, it would be enough.

I had an art show last night with my dad and my sister. One of my thoughts while observing my father and his interaction with others was that I hoped my sister could learn from my dad what I have. He loves people and he loves to share what he does. He also treats me with respect and believes in me as an artist, among other roles, and encourages me always. That has shaped who I am and who all of his children are. We are so lucky.

And talk about lucky, I can't explain with words how grateful I am to have the partner that I do. I get to have Dan Barney as the father of my beautiful children. He is tender and sweet and loving to his girls. He is a beautiful role-model in the way he works and loves and lives his life. He encourages them and helps them in every way he can. He believes in them and THAT is worth more than anything in the whole world. I know that he loves them and to know that he loves me makes all of his other great accomplishments pale in comparison. We are lucky girls.

Happy Fathers Day.

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db said...

Thanks for the props!
It made my day!

I am said...

Great picture of you and your Dad. He is fabulous! So are you! Too bad we can't all hang out, that would be so much fun. When are you coming to visit?


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