Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jennifer Barton, Cassandra Barney, Carla Jimison

I was surprised at how well attended our show was at BYU, Idaho. I was pleased to meet nice people and answer lots of questions. People commented on how well each of our styles of working complimented each other and shared a poetic, real, feminine quality.
I wish that I had a photo of one of Jennifer's paintings. I admire the way in which way lays down her paint. Her artwork is sophisticated and has a quiet feeling to it. Carla's prints were beautiful as well. If only the artworks were small enough to hide in my purse, I might have tried to lift a couple.

If the man in the photo above had been a really lousy teacher, I might not be doing what I'm doing today. See, as a freshman in college, even though I loved playing around in with art materials, I didn't take it seriously as an career at all. Then in my freshman year, I took a couple of art classes, one from Matt Geddes and one from the professor in the photo above, Gerry Griffin. Both of them were really good teachers. They didn't discourage the little people who didn't show much promise. I'm so glad because my artwork was ...not so good. Really, not so good. It was great to have artwork in the very building that I took my first real art class and get the chance to thank them. I'm thankful for good teachers. I still think that teaching is the best, most important job in the world.

Dan Barney and I drove around a looked at where we each used to live and where we met. It was a funny blast from the past. We agreed that don't want to go back but we're glad we did it.
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KathKarol said...

Hi, My name is Kathryn. I am Jennifer's sister. I have been lurking on your blog for some time now. I love your work and I would love to come to this show! How long is up? Much love!

Cassandra Barney said...

June 20 (see your blog for comment)

I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting with Carla and Jennifer about careers and art and life. It's good to spend time with people who share history, friendship and similar goals.

chiggy said...

Ahhh memories of Ricks College. You and Dan are adorable. What fun!!!

Laura A said...

Cute shoes!

Kari said...

A picture of Somerset?! Schweeet! I do believe that's my old apartment just over Dan's right shoulder.


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