Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chinese Fortune Sticks

On the package it says: CHIEN TUNG, Chinese Fortune Sticks...The oldest known method of fortune telling in the world. Maybe it is, I don't know, but I do know that they seem mostly accurate for me so far. I think answers change as my wishes change. I mean when I was 17 I wished to kiss Adam Ant more than anything, which incidentally came true, but today my wish wouldn't be the same because my life is made up of more than rock star crushes. I'm not focusing on and working toward that wish...really. I mean it was fun, but you know.

I think of a wish and then shake the container until one stick falls out, then read the corresponding number in the book that came with the sticks. My daughter has made a habit of it as well. The function of the sticks seem to be more of a focusing task. I think about my goal or wish. I focus on what I want. When it's unreasonable the sticks usually claim that I won't get that wish. Sometimes I don't get a yes or no answer. I never say my wish out loud, being superstitious and all.

Today I threw #16. It reads, "Sixteen," a number only fair And means for you a day of care.
Your Fortune- Success in wealth and legal things, Your fortune is the best; The fates regret (I'm going to leave this part out because I usually dismiss the unproductive thoughts.)
A sudden journey with a pleasant traveller. You will get your wish but only with hard work.

Okay, so I don't take it all that seriously, but it's nice to wish. In a tunnels I always wish, I wish to the moon and with my Chinese fortune sticks. It's like a little prayer. But like my fortune said...make a wish and work for it.

The above painting is from a series I did using the sticks as a jumping board. I'd shake the sticks and give the portrait a fate.
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