Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Call for Stories

I have been invited to have an art show with Meri DeCaria in September 2014 at the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden. It's a perfect venue for a new series of ExVotos.
As I have done in the past, I would like to invite anyone interested to send your stories to me. Let me back up and explain a bit more…
ExVotos are offerings of thanksgiving for an unexpected miracle. They are little testimonials of faith which share a personal story. I love these little stories. It's a challenge to try to communicate the ideas of the author through painted symbolism.

If you have a story that you think should be painted, send it to me cassandrabarney@gmail.com and I will take a look at it. I would like to have these stories by the end of February-ish. 

Where are they?

If you happen to see either of these two paintings, please let me know.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Curiouser and Curiouser

Last night, as I processed the evening, I wished I could go back and have a re-do of my minute at the microphone.

I wished I would have talked about what this show was about and how I hoped it would inspire others to want to live artistically. I don't care if anybody ever sees the cool stuff we've made and the paintings we've painted. What I want to share is the great amounts of joy that living artistically brings to my life and the lives of my family.

Art making for us is a way of celebrating our stories, the triumphs, some big and some small. This morning I pulled out a boxes of ornaments and I found several that we had made and shared with each other on Christmas Eve. They are a bit silly but every one of those is a memory of celebration and love. My memories are in those objects.

 Artwork informs us, helping us to dissect, and come to different understandings. It's sometimes a way we communicate what words won't fit.

 As I've pursued a carrier in art, I have developed skills like, having a thick skin and not expecting the approval of everyone. In fact, yesterday while Emily and I were adding some final touches to the show, a man right in front of us told a museum staff member that he didn't really care for our artwork. He like my dad's because it was more detailed. I'm glad he got some to see some quality detail at the museum. Funny.

I've also learned discipline. Just getting through it would be easy, but the extra effort to live artistically is worth it.

The other thing I would have said is…go visit the gift shop. Emily and I made cool stuff to share.

I have jars of treasures from my studio and tree toppers, wreaths, ornaments, jewelry and really beautifully made prints. It's good Christmas loot.

The show will be up until April.  You can read an article about it here. I'm pleased with the way it looks. I'm also grateful for all the hard work from the staff at the Springville Museum of Art. Those girls are amazing. I'm also grateful for my family and the work that they did to help with the show. Our family tree will need it's own post. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tree Toppers

If you are interested in purchasing a tree topper, send me an email with your name, address and which you are interested in to cassandrabarney@gmail.com  
 I will email you back on Wednesday and tell you if you were the first ask. I will give you my address and you can send me a check. For sure I will mail your purchases to you right away so that I don't stifle your decorating dreams. Tree Toppers are $35 each (plus $15 shipping.) A few tree toppers will also be available at Beehive Bazaar and the Springville Art Museum Store. 

 1. Angel with toy (She is the giving type.)

2. Pink Painted Angel (Flock and spray paint are what my dreams are made of.) 

3. Ivory Angel (She's the quiet type, but really elegant.)

 4. Scrubby Dream Angel (because I took apart a scrubby thing from the the dollar store because it was the prettiest color.)

5. Cranbaign Angel (The color cranberry/champaign which we named for my sister's wedding.)

 6. Angel of Royalty (Because she is purple and gold.)

7. Flocked Angel (That was really fun.)

8. Hallelujah Angel (Girlfriend is just about to belt out a Christmas tune.)

9. This Angel is to be named after whomever buys her. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Orem Stories

My dream is that the arts in Orem, including dance, theatre, music, and visual arts would be centered around our stories, past and present, creating portraits of the members of our community. Sharing our stories bridges cultural gaps, religious, ethnic and economic diversities, helping us all to be more understanding and tolerant of all people in our community, and ultimately closer as a community of unique individuals with a variety of stories.

I can imagine the young interviewing, then celebrating the lives of older community members through artworks. There could be mobile art galleries throughout the community and a format/wall where people could sign their names. I can imagine sculptures of our early city founders, with their stories alongside their likenesses, giving us an education of and connection to the history of our city.

The Orem City Art council is hosting an art show at the Orem Library this Saturday, along the theme of portraits. I’m sure the show will be small but I hope that we will be able to make it an annual event, adding to it each year so we can celebrate the members of Orem. Information can be found on Orem City Art Council’s page on Facebook or at Orem library.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Angels and Witches

This year at Boise's Art in the Park (Sept. 6-8) I will be introducing a new series of small paintings. These little 5 x 7" gems will be available only this year and are part of a collection.

The first two angels (above) are titled: Leta, which means "glad" in Latin, and Pius, which means "dutiful" in Latin.

 Lee is from the woods.
...Someone should really write stories about these little paintings.
 Rita is a brave and honest witch.
I painted this witch on an antique ceiling tile. Her name is Demi, which means "half"in French. She's a bit of an outlaw.

All originals will be available at Gallery 601 in Boise on Sept. 5. You may contact Christine for prices. I'm excited to get back to Boise. We have a lot of fun and Gallery 601 puts on a show/party. All are invited to join us!


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