Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Baskets

Last year, I made vinyl Easter baskets for my kittens. They were super cute and I was planning on using them again this year, until I had a vision. I felt like Joan of Arc, standing there in the towel aisle of the department store, glowing with excitement. In my vision I saw eager kittens, delicately tiptoeing down the stairs, at dawn, to find with delight that the Easter bunny had left them towel origami Easter baskets.
I hurried home and looked up how to fold towels into baskets. I didn't use any pins, just the ribbon to make the basket more stable. The tricky part was making the handle stay up. I ended up using a piece of covered wire on which I wrapped two overlapping wash cloths and tied it with ribbon. I also used a couple of wash cloths inside the towel to make the bottom of the basket.
I'm not sure if the kittens tiptoed. They were happy to get new towels and all, but not as impressed with my clever idea as I was.
I know that Joan of Arc didn't have visions of silly craft ideas but I was pretty pleased about my little mash-up. It's hard to be original with so many craft blogs out there. Plus, I don't have to store this year's baskets, I get to use them. Happy Easter!
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so said...

cb and fam
have a great easter

Anonymous said...

SO origninal! I have never seen a towel basket out there in blogland.


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