Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wayne Thiebaud

I got to hear Wayne Thiebaud speak at the Springville Museum of Art this weekend. I was impressed that an artist of his accomplishments could assume such a simple, grateful attitude. He said that he felt privileged to be a tiny part of that search for something different, something special.
I feel that too. He also talked about the joy that painting gave him and his gratitude to his family for allowing him to get up everyday to puzzle out paint from this area and that without embarrassing himself.
Thiebaud has been an influence on me since my younger days. I'm especially fond of his paintings depicting baked goods. What a treat that was.
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I Am said...

I can't believe he was at the Springville museum! He was my favourite contemporary artist when I was at uni (besides your dad, Bruce Smith and David Hockney). He is still up there with my all-time favourites.
His paint looks so delicious and his colour--I would love to have been there--lucky you!!

chiggy said...

I love the cherry. You are a cherry Cass!!! What great pictures and what fun to hear Thiebaud speak. I wish I would have been there. I love to hear artists talk about their work.

pamo said...

a absolutely love him and am incredibly sad that 1. i didn't even know he came and 2. i missed it.

i'm going to be sad for awhile.

jennie said...

This makes me wish you'd start painting cakes again. Those have always been some of my favorites of yours. YUM!


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