Friday, August 24, 2007


Last night was the first official performance of the band, The Mrs. Robinsons. We learned a lot and are feeling pretty confident that all of our hours of practice weren't in vain. The fact that Merts (a really cool joint on Geneva Road ) asked us to come back next week felt pretty nice. We want to thank our fans and our manager, he did a good job catching the spirit of the band on film.

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Laura A said...

So, do you sing? What do you play? I'm intrigued.

cassandra said...

Laura...glad you asked. Lounge singer has been a fantasy of mine all the way back to childhood. I think I will choose to remain mysterious until the video clip is posted.

jennie said...

WHAT??? Band? And why haven't you told anyone?

pete&jenn said...

I am equally as suprised about the band, do give more details.



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