Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Orem Stories

My dream is that the arts in Orem, including dance, theatre, music, and visual arts would be centered around our stories, past and present, creating portraits of the members of our community. Sharing our stories bridges cultural gaps, religious, ethnic and economic diversities, helping us all to be more understanding and tolerant of all people in our community, and ultimately closer as a community of unique individuals with a variety of stories.

I can imagine the young interviewing, then celebrating the lives of older community members through artworks. There could be mobile art galleries throughout the community and a format/wall where people could sign their names. I can imagine sculptures of our early city founders, with their stories alongside their likenesses, giving us an education of and connection to the history of our city.

The Orem City Art council is hosting an art show at the Orem Library this Saturday, along the theme of portraits. I’m sure the show will be small but I hope that we will be able to make it an annual event, adding to it each year so we can celebrate the members of Orem. Information can be found on Orem City Art Council’s page on Facebook or at Orem library.

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