Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wilhelmina Witch

Back in a time when little was known about medicine, wise women often aided in healing with herbs and other homeopathic treatments. These women obviously were threatening to some and were sometimes accused of being anti-Christian and even devil worship. I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for them. These women put themselves out there, trying to help others and for it they are accused of heresy?
The word Witch comes from "Wicca" which means "Wise One." Witches aren't mean and ugly, they are just smart and helpful.
I have been planning all year to paint a witch holding a duck, inspired by the paintings of *Will Bullas. However, my duck doesn't look a thing like Will's ducks. He certainly won't be threatened by the idea of me hijacking his duck style.
In fact, I think my duck looks more like a goose. I like the goose as an alternative to the proverbial black cat, which I tend to think is a symbol of bad luck. Geese, however, are symbolic of the home, and married life. 
So this painting, titled Wilhelmina Witch (Wilhelmina means "will" and "protect" in old German), is about a wise, helpful woman who loves home and married life...and Halloween AND she looks good in her dress, stockings and black gloves.

  • *Will Bullas and I will be at Art in the Park in Boise on Sept. Sept 6-8.


Lucy Chen said...

I love your witch, Cassandra! I also love her story and that you explained the meanings of your symbols! Thank you.

Esther said...

Oh Cass, I adore this lovely woman. Thank you for putting us all into this painting.


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