Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Pink Houses and Backsides

 For the Art Access 300 Plates show in SLC this year, I did a series called Little Pink Houses.

I use symbolism in my paintings, which is obvious, I suppose. Not so obvious though is that on the back of some of my artworks, there is a little bit more of the story. I like the idea that it's a message just for the owner of the artwork. The coolest one is the back of the painting in my previous post, Infinite Love. Maybe that painting should be framed backwards, or maybe it should stay secretly hidden behind the painting. 


Lucy Chen said...

Some artists never explain their paintings, some write beautiful little stories about their paintings. I like both approaches. And love your work, Cassandra.

pamela said...

i LOVE these!!!!!!

Zafaran said...

I just came across your paintings...and I really am impressed! Deep connections you evoke in the paintings really speaks eloquently! How lucky to be able to work in such an artistic family!


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