Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Crazy but I've never done an inventory of the prints that I have. Since I am bringing some to Gallery 601 in Boise next week, I dove in.
When Greenwich Workshop prints an edition, I am sent a small set, usually around six, A.P.s (artist proof's.) They are mine to save or sell. The listed value for an A.P. is higher than the rest of the edition. If the edition is sold out at the publisher, the A.P. can be worth quite a bit.

I don't really have room to store so many prints so I will be making some available for galleries and I will be offering some directly to you from me, so if you are interested in any past prints, email me at
I have one or two available today of almost everything. I even found a Bridesmaids.
You can look at what has been print on Greenwich Workshop's site.

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Laura A said...

Ooooh, all that lovely art!!! How delicious! Reminds me of a dragon's hoard. Not the greedy part, but a beautiful collection of valuable things :)


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