Monday, April 16, 2012

The Circus is like a Zoo for People

Middle Kitten made the COOLEST tea set EVER. It's conceptually amazing. I'm going to have to be like Picasso's dad and retire now.
Each saucer is a circus charactor and inside each teacup is what the charactor dreamed of beingt when she/he grew up.
The bearded lady actually wanted to be a pilot. I guess her beard got in the way so she joined the circus instead.
Her drawings are amazing. I can hardly stand it. When she said that the circus was like a zoo for people I about passed out I loved it so much.

Littlest Kittem did precious little drawings all over everything. I love each one and want to keep it for myself.
We had to take carry her out of the shop because she didn't want to stop working even though it was late at night!
Teen Kitten did some really cool paintings as well. She dazzled the people who came into the shop. I love it!
I did a set of dessert plates. Oh they were fun. I want to go back and make more!
Lala fired all of this while we headed to Vancouver for a few days so we could pick them up on the way back. Thanks Lala.
P.S. Her name is actually Laura but if you call her Lala I'm sure she would be fine with that.


Cathy G said...

Those dishes are amazing! What a fun trip you had!

Anonymous said...


mer said...

OK the genes have definitely passed on. And can I just say that you totally need to do a serious of ceramics. Gorg Cassy, gorg.


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