Monday, March 26, 2012


 On Mondays, after I get everyone out the door, it feels really good to regroup. I listen to the quiet hum of the house and breathe in. I shut the door to all of the distractions and allow myself to focus only on painting for a few hours.
I don't mind the rainy, cold weather on these days. I want to be right here. My studio is a little messy right now, but it's the mess of work, not neglect.'s my mess.

I'm finishing up several paintings for the Spring Unveiling at Heritage Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon, May 4 & 5. I think I'm going to title this painting, In Her Wilderness, or something close to that. This painting is about what we do with what we have. I think that's acutally all of the explaination it needs.

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pamela said...

what i want to know is, why is your hair so cool? i love the cut.


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