Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Meaning

There is one more thing I would like to do before I deliver my flannel board installation to the museum in SLC. Dan Barney suggested that I display photographs of different ways in which stories could be told on the flannel board, making multiple meanings with the same objects. I could display the photos with the flannel board. It is so interesting to me that by shuffling the pieces around, I can change what the story is about.
I was going to do that today and then I thought, it would be far more interesting if a couple of other people told a story with the images. Any volunteers?

Littlest Kitten now has constructed three of her own flannel boards and adds to them daily. I love them and have been entertained with many, many stories.

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1 comment:

emily said...

Oh man, too late! I wish I could come over and play flannel board!

p.s. go over and finish our movie already!!


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