Monday, January 9, 2012

Deep Roots

Many of the residents of 550 South have lived on this street for a long time, and it feels like those who have only lived here a few years, have planted their roots right here too.
It's the kind of street, where in the summer, people spend time outside visiting with each other, and in the winter, someone shovels your walk before you have the chance.
It's a well taken care of street with master gardeners who share advice and starts for all kinds of flowers. There are good cooks and if you run out of something, someone will have what you need. Really, every person has some sort of unique talent to share.

It's not visually uniform, picture perfect street. It's houses are big and small, old and new. The people are like the houses. The variety makes it interesting, unique and complete.
There is something we all have in common. We go to church together where we serve and learn to become more like Christ. We have learned about charity and we practice it. For example, when someone on our street is in need, there are prayers, and loving services offered from every household.

Together, with our families, at 7:00 on Christmas Eve, we gathered to light paper lanterns. As we lit our lanterns we offered a wish (and a prayer) for one of our beloved neighbors who has been recently struck by cancer. It was a beautiful outward expression of love. It felt like there were angels all around. It was especially appropriate on the very night we were celebrating Christ's birth.

Thank you Marianne for including all of us and much love to Lynette AND her family.
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lynette said...

Cassie thank you. I feel so blessed by our neighborhood and ward family. What a beautiful thing to see those lanterns go up and then to feel the hugs from everyone, the angels around me. So generous, so kind, so selfless. We feel so grateful to all of you our neighbors, glad that we are here on 550 South with all of you our friends. HEART felt LOVE to you all. Lynette


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