Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun Summer

I can't get to writing on my blog because I don't want to come in the house. I love my house a lot but I love the sun even more. I'll be in the house, getting to work and the next thing I know, without even thinking about it,I find myself outside trying to find some weeds to pull or checking on the baby quail.
I caught tan-anorexia from my sister Sari. It's not about golden, coconut-oiled, delicious colored skin. That's nice, but it's more than that. It's that feeling when I walk outside, close my eyes and turn toward the sun. A warmth comes in through my eyelids, runs through my veins and slowly saturates the rest of me. Oh how I love the sun and I never want summer to end.

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Janet said...

I will, yes indeed I will draw you a picture of the sun myself. I have never agreed to do that for anyone, let alone a great artisto like you! But if it would bring you in out of the sun and back to your blog, I would draw for you!

Your blog was my connection to life for many many months. I am living again, but I do miss how you made me laugh! So skip the sun, or let me draw one for you, and delight us with your most vibrant personality!

Love Ya! Janet


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