Wednesday, June 1, 2011

17 Miracles

Last night we were invited to the premier of 17 Miracles. I could barely contain my excitement as we sat with our costars, waiting to see ourselves in an actual movie. Our scene is in the first part, right after the Saints leave England. First we are walking with suitcases. Then we are in the barn and Dan and Terrel are in the mob outside of the barn. I almost needed a break to recover after our thirty seconds. I didn't actually see me (because I forgot to wear my glasses) but I saw kittens and Dan and Nina!
The film is a must if you are going on a pioneer trek or if you have relatives who were pioneers. It was a bit teary. Littlest kitten and I have spent many a night reading some of these same pioneer stories and crying our eyes out. I felt pretty grateful as I hopped into my littlest kitten's big soft bed to squeeze her last night.

On the night that we played our practically starring role as 'extras,' I said to Nina that we weren't very good at being extras and we laughed because it was true. It was a challenge to follow instructions and blend in. (To see the whole saga scroll half way down until you see pioneer children.)
At the premier it was the same thing. We had a good laugh when I quietly pulled on my pioneer bonnet (which I made this weekend) for a family photo. I said again, "We aren't very good at being extras" and, "I still don't look good in a bonnet."
I think it's because with people that you love, life can be a celebration. Together we feel like stars.


Sunshine said...

Ahhhhh! that sounds like so much fun!

Laura A said...

What a neat experience! And I think you look fab in a bonnet.

Hi, Cassandra! It's been awhile and I miss you!


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