Friday, April 15, 2011

Invitation for Collaboration

I heard a presentation by Jana Napoli this last week. In her lecture she said something about doing her artwork was what saved her. Dan Barney and I talked about that idea, about what saves us. I could give testimony to how painting saves me. I can't imagine my life without painting. I also thought about knitting. I thought about how when at one time in my life, when my heart was knotted up, I knit with red yarn. As I knit, the rhythm and repetition untangled my heart. Knitting saved me. In the winter when the days are short and grey, I cut paper flowers. Cutting flowers saves me.

I've been thinking about doing a series of exvotos for an upcoming show that Dan and I are having at Kayo Gallery in Salt Lake in June. I want to paint stories about being saved.

ExVoto means 'votive offering.' They are personal stories, hung in public to share and inspire. They are little tin paintings depicting stories, explaining why the giver is giving thanks.

If you have a story about What Saved You, that needs to be painted, send it to me at preferably by May 6.

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