Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I wanted to paint about a beautiful chaotic life. Yes, Anthea has landscaping on her head. Anthea actually means flowery. Her beautiful, thriving greenery is manicured, yet it still contains a bit of wildness. A dove (peace) has landed there. There are eggs, flowers, ribbons and who knows what else in there as well.

She holds a wreath to her heart, maybe from flowers that she grew.

The show has been shipped to Heritage Gallery. I'm headed out there on Friday. I hope it all goes well. The weather looks perfect for Cannon Beach!

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Kate Horowitz said...

And "anthophilous" means "feeding on or living among flowers." I think that describes you pretty well. xo

HeatherAPhotography said...

I wish my living room looked like that. So colorful and your work is amazing !!!!! I need to find out how I can place an order or two. :)


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