Monday, February 21, 2011

Finishing up

Painting on a larger scale requires a lot of walking around the studio. I would paint, step back to get more paint, then step back further to look at the painting.

Someone asked me why I gave her such a 'womanly figure.' This friendly criticism was interesting to me. This someone stated that being a diminutive woman, it was odd that I would paint her with such a luscious figure. I obviously think the intimate, idealized women has a woman's figure.

I did drop the blue ribbon down to break up the big yellow space. Then I glazed, drew into it and glazed some more. If you get the chance to visit the museum, do. It glows. It exceeded my expectations. The opening is the evening of March 1.
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AngryBaker said...

It is just gorgeous. It's so fascinating how lengthening the ribbon (smart idea to take all the pics, btw)can have such an impact. Can I go on and on about how beautiful it is? Because it is amazing. Being a stick straight gal, I have always loved the womanly shape. I think it's strange that someone would assume your point of reference would always be yourself for paintings. But what do I know?

Anyway. Just magnificent. You are so gifted - thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


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