Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Box of Happiness

Don't worry, we opened it soon after arrival. There is no way we could have waited even 12 hours!
My dad and I ordered some art supplies that were on sale at ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) after going through the catalog page by page, looking at every single item. We were very disciplined with our list of items until we came to the page of Charvin oil colours.
They are the champagne of professional oil colours, imported from France! Oh my luxurious paint!
Actually, we haven't used them yet, but the names of the colours are indeed luxurious. How could we not buy Ombre Rose, Aubere Pink, Linen Blue Reddish, Celadon Green Pale, Charvin Warm Grey, Anise, Saint Remy Green Light, Pouzzoles Red and Absinthe Green.

When my dad ordered two ended brushes, I knew we were on a shopping high. Oh the rush of late night art supply shopping!
When I left his studio with my box of treats, he was twirling those brushes around, practicing painting with one end and then the other.

I can't wait until morning so I can try out some new colors.
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emily said...

So jealous! Wish I was there!!!

amy said...

I'm not a painter and I want those colors and I REALLY want the two sided brushes. Those sound like way too much fun.


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