Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Anticipation is an emotion I totally love/hate. For example, a couple of days before Christmas, Dan Barney held out two packages and told me I could open one. I picked one, and held it in my hands, drawing out the anticipation until I burst into uncontrollable laughter and the sheer torture of it all. My heart is racing at the thought of it!
It's so exciting to start a new year. Oh Sagittarius! In 2011 it looks like I will be getting my karma back in your control after quite a few years. Well that's great to hear! This year will be a mix of hard work, sustained pressure to perform throughout and finally reward in terms of growth & gains overall. Do I remember ever living life another way?
It wasn't until just recently that I put together the words "decision and destiny." I'm pretty sure that where I am in my life today, for better or worse, is not a fluke. My decisions create my destiny. I know that's not a very romantic, magical thing to say. But life IS exciting. There are gifts, anticipation, choices and consequences.

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pamela said...

very beautifully put.

**and that outfit is smashing. love it.


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