Sunday, January 9, 2011

Funny How Things Change

For the past few years I haven't really wanted to leave home for much. Everything I wanted was there. If I had free time, I would want to work on a project or organize something... at home.
My parents and siblings would often go to the mountains on holidays and weekends and I just usually didn't want to. It wasn't because of the ghosts or anything. I personally don't mind sleeping in The Dead Lady's Room. (see photo below)

But now, this winter, I keep wanting to leave every distraction of home at home and escape to the cosy cottage in the mountains. The air is clean and it's quiet. The only things I have to do while I'm there is whatever I bring with me. This weekend I sat in front of the fire and drew for hours. I cuddled with kittens and spent time talking to my parents without all of life's other distractions. Funny how things change.

1 comment:

pamela said...

cuddling up with kids and parents sounds pretty dreamy to me!


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