Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

I was talking with my friends the Vistaunets about Christmas plans and they mentioned that one of their daughters was spending the holiday with her new in laws. It's a happy, wonderful thing but struck me that this time in my life, with all of my kittens here at home, isn't how it will always be. I grew up with with traditions that felt like forever and they are ingrained in my memory thank goodness. This year I didn't even see my cousins and I missed them, but I'm grateful for those memories.
I focused and enjoyed the good and the not so good of every minute of being with my family for Christmas. I loved it and to make extra sure I don't forget, I started a new tradition. It's a Christmas book for us to write in every year. I want to say scrapbook but when say scrapbook, a totally different image pops into my mind, but really it is a scrapbook. We added photos and we wrote. Now we can look at it next year and feel all warm and nice.

My Christmas decor is already put away. I'm ready for a clean, fresh, happy, new year.

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amy said...

I really missed you guys this year too. It just didn't feel right not doing our traditions and seeing my family. Love you.

Jess said...

Hope you had a fantastic christmas! And a happy new year!

I love reading your blog and I adore your "I am mormon" video, I found it very inspirational. Thank you.

so said...

happy new year to you dan and the kids
let's get together soon

Kat said...

so bizarre not to see you guys too...we missed you!


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