Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The bad news- I left my laptop open in the studio for just a few minutes which was just long enough for Fern (my very mischievous bird) to take most of the keys off of my keyboard...for the second time. He was having a blast flinging those plastic letters all over the place. Now this doesn't seem like a fair dose of karma because I was very busy doing nice things for other people when it happened. Sigh. My warranty on the computer expired exactly one day prior to the mishap.

The good news- Rebecca Packard just wrote to tell me that The Provo Orem Word (POW) is online. Rebecca interviewed me a few weeks back and she was delightful. How can you not like an ambitious pregnant lady who starts her own online magazine? Do take a look!

And now I'm off to Boise and then Cannon Beach. Come join the party!

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