Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Lambs

I was going to title this painting, "Little Lamb" but when told my dad what I thought it was about, he said it should be "Little Lambs."
I've been working on this painting for a long time. Dan Barney said that every time I worked on it I repaint the whole thing and lose a beautiful painting in the process. Sometimes that happens and what was good is destroyed in the process of finding something better...or something like that.
This painting evolved into what I am currently feeling. It's about wanting to protect my little lambs and needing to be protected as well. It's about comforting and being comforted.
With the process of repainting comes layers of color and luscious texture. I love that.
After visiting the downtown Salt Lake Deseret Book, I thought that it would be an appropriate place to display this painting, along with Be Where Your Feet Are.
(write to me for contact information if interested)


Janet said...

Oh, such tenderness of expression in this work of art. It pours from the core of your soul. It is precious and priceless, as is the heart from whence it came.

For the last two days, I haven't been able to get you off my mind. I was literally driven to your blog. When I read your post of "Misrepresented" I knew why.

Anyone who had read your blog, and had the intelligence to realize that your kittens were not of the furry variety, (I admit, it did take me a blog or two to figure that one out...but I'm not claiming genius!)would have known that your daughters, your beloved Dan Barney,ie. YOUR FAMILY, is your world!

Elder Packer speaks of his own personal experience of being wrongly judged, and publicly so, stating that if you haven't yet had this type of experience that you will. I think that you would appreciate hearing the details. It always helps me, when I know someone has walked a similarly difficult path and survived it well, when I am not exactly enjoying the scenery provided.

Its something I need to scan and email to you. How would I do that?
So much has happened since I last checked in...I have a GREAT love story for you...the kind found only in modern day fairy tale books...Divine intervention at it's best!

I think you are wonderful! Never forget that!


Krisann Charles said...

Oh Cassie. My heart aches every time I pop in to check on you. I get such comfort and a little pain all at the same time here in your churning and burnings. Maybe that is a strange thing to say but perhaps you understand.
Please tell me how I may see this painting in person. It beckons me.


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