Saturday, October 16, 2010

Arizona Fun

Angela is practically my sister. She posted about that and the cutest picture of my dad on her blog. I was giddy when I saw her front door because it's blue like Frida's and I love it. She gave me the coolest necklace that I haven't taken off since. I might have to move to least for winter.
My kittens and I were very entertained by Emily's chickens who lay blue eggs. Their names are Stella, Crystal and Emily. That's pretty funny and so are the noises they make. They sound like fake chickens.
Of course we spent time in my sister's studio. That reminds me of one time when my teen kitten was in first grade and she came home from a friend's house really distraught because her friend's house didn't have a studio. What? Not all houses have studios? Actually, I'm trying to think of houses that don't have studios and in my world, those are harder to find.
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Morgen said...

What a cool post. In fact, I taught three of Angela's kids Saturday in a Halloween paint class. Inspired by a painting of yours!


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