Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lou Andrus Field

I remember being a bit scared of him when I was a tiny girl. He would pick me up and he was so tall that it was like being on a ride at an amusement park. I actually remember my stomach lurching. That was back where I was little and he was playing pro-football for the Denver Broncos. They called him the Gentle Giant. When I look at him now, I think the 'giant' is what's inside of him.
With a hug and a kiss, my uncle Lou makes me feel loved every time I see him. He loves people and people love him. I think half of Utah Valley knows Lou Andrus, he's a Utah sports icon.
That's why, when I heard the news that West Lake High School was naming their field after him, I teared up. Actually, I tear up every time I talk about it.

Last night was a total surprise to him. He thought he was introducing the Governor Herbert who was doing the coin toss at the homecoming game. He was escorted onto the field with the Governor, through an honorary corridor, while the announcer went on and on about Lou's accomplishments. As he stood all handsome in front of the team holding their helmets down on one knee, and began to notice that his wife, who was supposed to be in California, his children, his nieces and nephews and closest friends were all there. As it dawned on him that something was up, his eyes got misty. The Governor said kind words about his friendship with Lou and then announced that the field was named in his honor. I looked around at my family, my tribe, and we all had tears streaming down our faces. I can't think of a better honor for a better man. He, as an educator, coach and friend has had an influence on many lives and to me, there is nothing my respectable than that.
My littlest kitten has 'lu' in her name because she was born on my uncle's birthday and I have a Lou Andrus Field t-shirt. We are pretty lucky.
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9a said...

What a great man he is!

Kat said...

AWESOME post. love you tons cuz!

Lorelie Andrus said...

This is awesome! You're a GIANT of a niece. Thanks for helping make this a night Uncle Lou will never forget.

amy said...

I love your photos and I love your post. I'm so glad we all got to share that very cool night with Dad.

Anonymous said...

What in the Heck? I wish I had been there with all of you when the 'Gov' (haha Gary to us) made this exciting announcement! No matter how famous Lou may be..I have already staked claim on him for being the best neighbor, friend and loved one ...forever!! I bear a scar on my chin and the story of how I got that scar has NEVER been told without mentioning Lou's name! I had crashed in the field by our homes, and he carried me home to my parents! He had blood all over his shirt, that day Lou became my hero!! I love the Andrus Family! Congrats to you all!!
Patti Hatch Beck (PJ BECK)


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