Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quietly She Sang

August 2-5, I will be at Heritage Gallery in Cannon Beach Oregon for my show, Quietly She Sang. I'm excited to go back to the beach and this time with Dan Barney and our three little kittens. It's been a few years since we've driven from Utah to the Oregon coast. I remember the long car ride with my three little ones, the happy singing times and the baby in a car seat crying times. How will the trip be with two teen kittens, a sweetheart sensitive kitten, a mom who wants everybody to happy and a dad who is confused by it all? Funny, right?

The title of the show, Quietly She Sang, is not so much about singing. It's about the songs that come from the heart. I was thinking about my influence as a woman and as a mother, it's quiet strength. I was thinking about my wishes and prayers. I was thinking about the people I love. I was even thinking about the guy that was in a motorcycle accident the other night and how I prayed and cried for him and for his family, even though I've never met them. I was thinking about my mother's quiet songs and how they sway me, pull me along.
I love my baby kittens so much that I want everything good in life for them. So I talk and talk and try to convince them, as my mother did with me, that if they will do what I say, they'll surely be happy. Only, I know it's not my mother's talking that I listened to and it's not my talking that my kitten's listen to, it's the quiet song we sing.

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Laura Mayer said...

Beautiful banner of flowers...yum. You are so wonderfully talented....

Anna M said...

I love that sentiment. My most well-intended, aspiring songs are not the ones literally sung.

amy said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

I loved your spotlight and I featured it today on my blog.

Beth said...

Very nice,i got here via your spotlight myself. it was neat to see a member doing well in the wonderful world of actual artisan. i'm not one myself but a do a few minor crafts. nice to meet to you whilst checking out thow the new site works!


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