Thursday, June 24, 2010

Over Pollination and The Spiral Jetty

I remember when I was like ten years old and I would play in the field all day and then my allergies would get so bad that my eyes would swell and my skin would itch all over and I'd sneeze until I would almost pass out. For some crazy reason, crazy because I don't play in the field, my allergies are that bad this year. I'm experimenting with medications that I've stayed away from until now and living in a blurry, itchy world.
Everything seems strange through my watery eyes. Dan and Juan Carlos Castro (Dr. Castro is visiting and writing with Dr. Barney) occasionally pop up in unexpected places with one or both of them wearing white coveralls.
Today it was our community garden, yesterday it was the Spiral Jetty. In fact, I saw footage of them golfing the Spiral Jetty. I think that's what is saw anyway.
Luckily things are pretty quiet around here this week, strange but quit. I have to get a grip because contending with allergies on the Fourth of July could interfere with my culdesac of fire performance and that just won't do. Oh that just won't do!
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Robyn said...

Cass I am dying this year too! I have never had allergies this bad. My sister who usually suffers suggested taking a teaspoon of local raw honey everyday. She said she has had no allergy problems this year. I guess it helps your body acclimate to the pollen (without the swollen itchy eyes).


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