Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Worms at The Art Garden!

I didn't know I'd like clay so much. I could have stayed for the rest of the summer. Lala taught us some of her tricks which made our projects better than I'd expected.
Sari threw pots. Sandi and I built stuff.
Lala is still the best. She's magic. Laura Mayer doesn't have a website but through her blog you can order stuff. It's at Art Garden. I think if you order something she should send you a worm, for free. Tell her I said so and then I'll send her a present in return. Order a dozen bugs, you'll love them! I have them all over my garden when I'm waiting for my zinnias to bloom and I also use them to guard seedlings so they don't get trampled. Call her at 509-754-1855
Also, remind her to post some of her pots and other things in the shop! She's got so much cool stuff in there.
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Laura Mayer said...

Thanks for all the fabulous is you my dear that is magic!! Yes... Free worms for everyone, sounds good to me!!!


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