Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm so excited!

I'm almost finished with this series of exvotos and they look sooo good! I've been covering the backs with antique wallpaper. I started thinking that it would be neat to have little hidden art treats that only the owner knows about on the exvotos. If anyone wants me to draw on the back of their exvoto at the show at Heritage Gallery in Cannon Beach next weekend, I'll do it. I'll be enhancing canvas prints as well. My newest originals will be at the show as well, including And Then They Dance. And I have a new giclee, brand fresh new. It's called Gratitude it will be available for the first time at the show as well. This is so exciting!
Also, I'll send exvoto images to those who sent stories so they can have first dibs if interested. I'm thinking Monday I'll email images.

I'm so looking forward to the beach. I really want to make a video again, do an art project. Anyone want to join in on the fun? I know Lala has talked about it. "Hey Lala, text me or comment if you have an idea." If we need any supplies we had better plan a little. I heart art!

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Laura Mayer said...

Art on the beach... So excited! Was gonna try to make some clay objects we could draw on and send into the ocean... We could assemblage found ocean objects with them and leave some totems on the shore. Was also thinking about art in a bottle.... bottles and corks and art. Yea I been thinking about it...

Mary said...

No, I'm so excited! If you did mine, I'll totally buy it. I love the wallpaper on the back, too. The yellow floral reminds me of what we used to have in our kitchen. Can't wait to see them all!


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