Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, I made that...

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Anonymous said...

tee hee.

Janet said...

Oh Cassandra,
Truly, you make me soooo happy that there is a Cassandra Barney! You are always making me smile from the inside out, usually it's a good laughing session that you cause...but just what would the world be like without you? I know mine would be lacking in the spontaneous joy you give rise to!

I did something wonderful on Christmas Eve. I got Married! I didn't know life could be so much fun. The shock of a lifetime came yesterday when Jeff (my heart guy) told me he had always wanted a grownup sized Big Wheels! Of course I told him about you, who had your very own, and how you ripped about the house in your stripped silk jammies. That is just what you get to do when you own your very own Big Wheels!


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